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The Elders

The Church of the Elders, also recognized as the birthplace of Aquarianism, is about essence, self, and moving down a path toward evolution and enlightenment with objectivity. We advance without greed and without lust for power. Instead of suppression, we learn to control our emotions and desires to gain greater focus on our goals.

We follow the teachings of the Elders of the old, who we recognize as the precursors and parental figures to all of humanity. The Elders deserve the highest level of respect possible, but no one, god or otherwise, deserves to treat you as a subservient entity.

All who are willing to listen, learn, research, and discuss are welcome here. However, know beforehand that we are not politically correct and take a firm stance against all forms of Abrahamism. Our beliefs disagree with a vast majority of both 'traditional' and 'conventional' thought. Another warning to all prospective members, personality cults have NO place here. This is also not a place for subscribers of white light teachings, subjective new age subscribers, or conspiracy theorists.




About Us

EnkiEa.org is an Aquarian resource site owned and run by the Church of the Elders (established and managed by High Priest Shadderfer). We are here to present ancient history, spirituality, and science with an increased depth and clarity that has not been reached before.

The Church of the Elders is not affiliated with any other site or religion other than that of EnkiEA / Aquarianism. We are exploring truth and evolution as a spiritual path toward understanding and advancement. We do not wish to encourage any conflicts with anyone affiliated with any other spiritual paths, but rather hope to encourage a cumulative learning experience and develop ourselves together as a species. People as a whole have already begun to open their minds and break away from the lies that have been and are being fed to them.

The Church of the Elders views everyone with equality. Enki has intended for humanity to advance mentally and spiritually, not to push through others with a sense of superiority. We are here for the same reasons and the same goals. Our goal is to see humanity evolve to it's fullest potential as a whole.

We offer the truth to those who seek it, we do not push it upon anyone.

We believe in science and progress and utilize them thoroughly in our explanations of spiritual phenomena.

We seek truth, not just belief or opinion, through the use of logic and understanding. Enki encourages us to question his ways and to make sure that what we are following is right for us and not just an absent minded escape or distraction. We each have free will, which is something that should be exercised and maintained with integrity and autonomy. It is up to you to decide which direction you want to go in life.

Aquarianism is a life loving path, it is about cleansing, healing and advancement. We work directly with Enki and his colleagues, an advanced species with more knowledge and ability than what can be found in human civilization. This does not make them  "gods" to be worshipped, but instead they are mentors to be respected. They are here to help show us the way to both empower and elevate humanity to greater heights of understanding. We know Enki to be the scientist behind the evolutionary boost given to humanity through the introduction and modification of an evolutionary genome thousands of years ago. He and his colleagues also provided teachings to humanity about architecture, agriculture, mathematics, and other various aspects of civilization.

We use Meditation in our workings towards advancement. In our Meditations section we will have backgrounds and in-depth explanations about the importance of meditations.We have been taught these meditations by Enki as well as the other Elders. Those who approach with respect and an open mind will have a chance to converse directly with Enki and his colleagues. Although we work with the Elders, we each need to learn how to walk the path alone. It is a learning process and just like growing up we need to take those steps as individuals in order to strengthen ourselves. With that being said, the EnkiEa community is always here if you need any advice, explanations, or help. Good luck!

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