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In this section we will discuss different formalities for both those who are dedicated and those looking to dedicate to the Aquarian path. We will go over shrines, offerings, and how to show your gratitude to the Elders. The affirmation and dedication rituals will also be discussed in detail. For those who have to keep their spiritual practices a secret, we will list some tips on how you can express yourself discreetly.


Affirmation Ritual


Aquarian Standard Ritual

Dedication Ritual

Banishing, Blessing and Protection

Example: Some of High Priest Shadderfer's Tools

Temporary Shrine which includes: Candles, silver plated candle holders, athame, incense, incense holders, tarot cards, Gem stones, sigils, necklaces and symbols, a skull with a serpent and an array of other items. This is an old photograph


Showing your Appreciation to the Elders

It was once said in the grimoires that when pagans summoned Elders or showed their respect we would use a nine foot circle, make a sacrifice and offer flesh and blood, BUT, none and I mean absolutely none of this is true, it is disrespectful, blasphemes the Elders and is sick, we are a life loving religion, we do not use circles and we under no circumstances use sacrifices. That is all just a concoction of lies brought forth by Christianity to slander and disrespect the Elders.

In the following we will show you how you can pay your respects to the Elders and what to do if you ever feel you need to ask for help, The Elders will happily help those dedicated to them but it is advisable not to ask for it, they prefer to see us on our own feet working hard and when they see we need the help but we are strong and respectful enough not to beg or demand it they will gladly lend a hand.



As stated in the above introduction, the sick murder of infants and virgins, nine foot circles, and permission to depart are NOT respectful means to show gifts to the Elders.  They are sick, brutal and disrespectful We are life loving as are the Elders.

The Elders are very wise, spiritually advanced beings that are more then happy to aid those dedicated in their quest to advancement and who wish to evolve themselves to their highest ability. The hope of the Elders are for us to be working hard on our own as well. Along this path of evolution, all of us, from those new, to those more advanced, need a helping hand. When situations arise in which help or protection may be needed, or when knowledge is sought but more answers are needed, one dedicated may respectfully ask for assistance in their search for resolving these issues and looking for answers. 

It is also part of life to look for happiness. We all have wants and needs.  We seek to pursue advancement, joy, pleasure, and freedom within our lives. Be it emotional, physical/material, there are things that bring a joy to our lives. These are also things that those dedicated may ask for as Enki wishes for us to not only to work hard in our evolution, but to enjoy our freedoms and our lives to the fullest. 

When we perform rituals, we do these because they are very respectful means of communicating with our Elders, be it asking for help with information, protection, assistance with some other issue, or asking for an emotional or material pleasure.  The Elders usually assist us with these on their own and without our asking.  But, for those that wish to ask for something, it is very respectful and polite to offer a gift in return.  In the following, we will introduce some ideas that one may offer to the Elders during a ritual as a sign of respect and thanks for their time and energy.  Some gifts may be just simple gestures while some may be more complex and time consuming depending upon what is asked for. We'll start out with some simple gifts that are inexpensive and quite commonplace. 



Candles are a simple and inexpensive idea.  Candles can be found in many places.  Black candles are, however, becoming more and more scarce do to Christian suppression and control.  There are some Satanic and Witchcraft type stores and websites that may offer black candles, Around Halloween (Samhain) a lot of stores sell black candles  so it is good to stock up at this time if you cannot find them elsewhere. Black is preferred, but blue and red are acceptable colours.  When directing a gift to a specific Elder, certain Elders have specific colours that are dear to them.  Otherwise, darker coloured candles are just fine.  Candles are used as the primary source of lighting during rituals, so when choosing a candle as a gift, find one that stands out to you or find a candle holder or base that stands out that will separate this candle from the others being used to signify this as a gift.  When offering this gift, just simply offer to burn this candle everyday until the candles end.  When lighting it everyday, simply think on that Elder and say a thank you out loud or in your head.  You may choose to purchase another candle to burn if you wish.  You may keep this candle on your altar at all times if you wish, or if you use a table that needs to be put away due to parental involvement or space issues, you may burn this candle on a designated area.  You may use the thinner candles or much larger pillar candles. 



Another commonplace and inexpensive gift is incense.  Incense has been used for centuries in religion and medicine.  It is used to purify the area before and during a ritual, create a pleasant environment when meeting with a deity, or to create a certain consciousness during meditation or ritual.  It can also be used as a gift, or token of respect.  You may offer incense in the same way you'd offer a candle as a gift.  But, incense, like candles, are used in ritual already.  When looking to offer incense as a gift, choose a specific scent that stands out for you.  There are many different kinds out there to choose from.  There are many different types of  incense resembling different woods which have a more natural scent.  Many occult stores may supply incense that is more custom made.  Incense may come in sticks or cones.  Burning incense can be done in different holders.  Simply choose an incense holder that stands out for you.  The holders for the sticks will differ from the cones.  Simply light the stick of the specific incense that you've chosen to use everyday, again, thinking on that Elder and thanking him/her in your head or out loud for their assistance. 



This next idea is more permanent; a tattoo!  Most of the Elders have a sigil that is specific to him/her.  Sigils are symbols of alchemy which also represents that Elder.  As a gift, you may get a tattoo of that specific Elder's sigil that you asked the assistance of.  This means also gives some publicity for that Elder.  This gift is a permanent gesture of your dedication and commitment.  You may tell others about the tattoo and what it represents if you wish.  Or if there is some other symbol representing that Elder from Sumerian mythology or some other associated symbol you may offer this as well.  As long as it holds a special relevance to the Elder that has helped you, or to the Elders in general. 


Public Offerings

Another idea to offer is the gift of publicity do not try and push your views through fliers or anyhting like that but if you wish to write something personal we can place it in the“Have Your Say” section of the site, this can be done by submitting it either through the forums or emailing it in the main body of the email HERE (we will never open attachments so do not send any, if you have any pictures ask High Priest Shadderfer how you can provide them).


Personal Gifts

Another gift could be from your own hands. Nothing makes the Elders happier than a gift that you created yourself. Something personal. This is one where you apply your own skills and talents rather then buying something already made. It could be from something basic and simple to something more complex. One example is to make your own candle to burn instead of buying one. Supplies have to be bought of course from a hobby shop or craft store, but the end product is from your personal hard work. When you create something yourself, you put more of your own energies into it, making it more personal and more powerful. Choose your own colour. Mix colours. Create different shapes, sizes, add your own designs etc. Then you may burn the candle as described above. If you are a musician, this is very special to the Elders as they love music. Whether you play a string instrument or woodwind instrument, you could write a song for them. Take the time to create a song of your own. If you can play guitar and sing, write your own lyrics and guitar piece. If you cannot sing, simply create a instrumental, or visa versa. When you perform a ritual to ask for something, just include in your request that you have a musical piece written that you will play for them after the ritual. After closing out the ritual, you may now play your piece. Or, if you have music recording software on your computer or other, you may play it if you have recorded it for them. Don't feel embarrassed if you mess up a little, they understand and will not hold it against you in any way, remember, the music does not have to be heavy or satanic, just from the heart with feeling  and emotion to it. Another idea of a personal creative gift would be some form of artwork. If you are an artist, you can create something be it on paper, clay, sketching, painting, etc.  You can use your artistic abilities to create something regarding appropriate imagery, something sigil related, a picture of the Elder/Elderdess themselves or a symbol that relates to them. Offer this as a gift in your ritual letter, then present this gift to hang up or keep on your altar for them. Poetry is another example of a gift you could offer. If you have some sort of talent with woodworking, you could apply those skills to create something for them. If you are into the Culinary Arts, you could even prepare some gourmet foods for them.  Some of the Elders enjoy meat while others are vegetarians. Either way, you could prepare a feast for them including a dessert of some sorts. Again, offer this as a gift in your ritual, then leave it out on a table or your altar for them. As a hint, Enki loves steak, baked potato with cottage cheese.  Enlil enjoys BBQ chicken!  These are just a few examples of how you can apply a skill or passion of yours as a gift.  Be creative!

You may also offer a whiskey, wine, or rum of some sorts. Some of the Elders enjoy an alcoholic beverage more than others, but most have their 'poison' so to speak. Again, offer this as a gift in your ritual and leave it on the table for them for the night.
Again if you have made something you want to share please feel free to post it on the forums in one of the sections or submit it to be placed in the “Have your say” section of the site, if you are too shy to submit it right away please privately message High Priest Shadderfer and Nyuushin on the Forums.

Requested Offerings

Another gift to the Elders or a specific Elder/Elderdess you've asked assistance from, can be discussed between the two of you. Sometimes, after a gift has been offered, that particular Elder or Elderdess will appreciate the gift, but would prefer to ask of you something else in return. Perhaps they would rather have a form of publicity rather than a candle. Or perhaps they may help you with an issue, information, or aid you in developing a specific skill, asking in return a use for this skill or information to be described by them. This is something I cannot elaborate on as this can be a variety of things and is between you and the Elders. 


As you've read above, there are a variety of gifts that can be offered as a token of respect and appreciation to the Elders. The Elders enjoy working with us and are there to aid us along the way from those new to those advanced. One thing to keep mind, is that utmost respect must always be given and the Elders are our friends and they are not to be commanded or told what to do as some of the grimoires may have suggested.  They are not here to wait on us and carry out our every whim. A lot of the time, if they see us working hard and trying to get through issues on our own, they will gladly help out without the asking. You can also offer any of these gifts in a Thanksgiving Ritual where you need not ask for anything, but simply wish to thank the Elders and offer a gift just because you feel good doing it. Many of these gifts can be given at any time, outside of a ritual. If you have your altar set up or have some sort of little shrine that you keep up or some other designated area, you may offer a gift at any time anywhere! Just simply put the gift out, say out loud or in your head that your are offering this gift to the Elders in general or a specific Elder/Elderdess, then leave it be.  Or if something goes great in your day, you can simply think about the Elders and give a big thank you and a big Hail Enki in your head at anytime!  Rituals of course are more formal and respectful and show you desire to go the extra lengths and put in the extra time and energy into the relationships with them. 

The whole point of gifts is to show your respect. To show your thanks and appreciation and build a positive relationship with the Elders, our friends. There is no need to fear them or be scared to approach them. For those that are new, there may be a little hesitation and curiosity about the Elders and how they act and work with humanity. As long as you show a good attitude, work hard  (even a little every day), and show respect, there's nothing to worry about. Most of the Elders have a great sense of  humour and have fun with their work. 


 ***If anyone has any other gifts that they have thought of and given, or have positive relationships with certain Elders/Elderdesses and know what their preferences as far as food, music, etc., please feel free to share your stories or gift ideas on the forums section of this site. We'd be happy to hear and appreciate your personal input that may help others in this area.



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